Rumble Pool Results

Every year I lose money betting on a predetermined non-sport on a message board. Here are my randomly assigned picks, all of which lost:

  • 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble: #35 Randy Orton
  • 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble: #16 Vickie Guerrero
  • 2017 Royal Rumble: #18 Rusev

I used to get together with friends and hold cash money Royal Rumble pools. That’s what this page was initially for. Here are full results dating back to 2005, with partial results for the two years before that. You most assuredly do not care about any of this.

Final score:
4 wins: Josy
3 wins: Dave*
2 wins each: James, Rob
1 win each: Jen, Darcy, Kerry, Ian

2017 Royal Rumble (Dave; Randy Orton)*

  • TEAM JAMES: Mojo Rawley, Mark Henry, Braun Strowman, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Goldberg
  • TEAM DAVE: Big Cass, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, Rusev, Cesaro, Randy Orton
  • TEAM JOSY: Chris Jericho, Jack Gallagher, The Miz, Xavier Woods, Bray Wyatt, Undertaker
  • TEAM ROB: Big Show, James Ellsworth, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, Big E, Dolph Ziggler
  • TEAM JEN: Kalisto, Tye Dillinger, Apollo Crews, Brock Lesnar, Enzo Amore, Roman Reigns

*this was the first year we didn’t get together for the Rumble; honourary numbers were drawn and no money changed hands

2016 Royal Rumble (Dave; Triple H)

  • TEAM JAMES: Rusev, Tyler Breeze, Mark Henry, Brock Lesnar, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler
  • TEAM DAVE: Curtis Axel, Kane, Luke Harper, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Triple H
  • TEAM JOSY: R-Truth, Neville, Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens, Jack Swagger, Sheamus
  • TEAM ROB: Chris Jericho, Ryback, Kofi Kingston, Big Show, Erick Rowan, Miz
  • TEAM JEN: Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Goldust, Titus O’Neil, Stardust, Sami Zayn

2015 Royal Rumble (Josy; Roman Reigns)

  • TEAM JAMES: Curtis Axel/Erick Rowan, Big E, Jack Swagger, Dean Ambrose, Bad News Barrett, Dolph Ziggler
  • TEAM DAVE: Bubba Ray Dudley, The Boogeyman, Zack Ryder, Tyson Kidd, Titus O’Neil, Cesaro
  • TEAM JOSY: R-Truth, Bray Wyatt, Stardust, Rusev, Roman Reigns, Damien Mizdow
  • TEAM ROB: The Miz, Luke Harper, Sin Cara, Fandango,  Goldust, Big Show
  • TEAM JEN: Daniel Bryan, Dallas Page, Kofi Kingston, Adam Rose, Ryback, Kane

2014 Royal Rumble (Dave; Batista)

  • TEAM JAMES: Seth Rollins, Alexander Rusev, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Roman Reigns, Sheamus
  • TEAM DAVE: CM Punk, Kane, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Batista, Big E Langston
  • TEAM JOSY: Kofi Kingston, Kevin Nash, Great Khali, The Miz, Fandango, Antonio Cesaro
  • TEAM ROB: Damien Sandow, Jack Swagger, Dean Ambrose, Erick Rowan, Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio
  • TEAM JEN: Cody Rhodes, Goldust, El Torito, Luke Harper, JBL, Ryback

2013 Royal Rumble (Jen; John Cena)

  • TEAM JAMES: Titus O’Neal, Goldust, Sheamus, Brodus Clay, Bo Dallas, Randy Orton
  • TEAM DAVE: Dolph Ziggler, Santino Marella, David Otunga, Godfather, Damien Sandow, Great Khali
  • TEAM JOSY: Darren Young, Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder, Jinder Mahal, The Miz, Ryback
  • TEAM ROB: Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, Heath Slater, Tensai, Antonio Cesaro, Sin Cara
  • TEAM JEN: Chris Jericho, Drew McIntyre, Rey Mysterio, Wade Barrett, John Cena, Kane

2012 Royal Rumble (Josy; Sheamus)

  • TEAM JAMES: Epico, Great Khali, Hunico, Michael Cole, Road Dogg, Jey Uso, Jack Swagger
  • TEAM DAVE: The Miz, Primo, Mick Foley, Ezekiel Jackson, Booker T, Dolph Ziggler, Kharma
  • TEAM JOSY: Alex Riley, R-Truth, Justin Gabriel, Santino Marella, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Chris Jericho
  • TEAM ROB: Cody Rhodes, Ricardo Rodriguez, Kofi Kingston, Jerry Lawler, Jinder Mahal, Hacksaw Duggan, Randy Orton, Big Show

2011 Royal Rumble (Josy; Alberto Del Rio)

  • TEAM JAMES: Zack Ryder, William Regal, John Morrison, Mason Ryan, Hornswoggle, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Santino Marella, Randy Orton
  • TEAM DAVE: Yoshi Tatsu, JTG, Vladimir Kozlov, Booker T, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Diesel, Ezekiel Jackson
  • TEAM JOSY: CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Ted DiBiase, Chavo Guerrero, Mark Henry, David Otunga, R-Truth, Tyson Kidd, Alberto Del Rio, Kane
  • TEAM ROB: Justin Gabriel, Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty, Chris Masters, Tyler Reks, Great Khali, John Cena, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Alex Riley

2010 Royal Rumble (James; Edge)

  • TEAM JAMES: Dolph Ziggler, Evan Bourne, Cody Rhodes, Matt Hardy, Yoshi Tatsu, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Edge
  • TEAM DAVE: Triple H, Ted DiBiase, The Miz, Shelton Benjamin, Big Show, Mark Henry, Batista
  • TEAM ROB: CM Punk, Great Khali, Beth Phoenix, Carlito, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Jack Swagger
  • TEAM JOSY: JTG, Zack Ryder, Drew McIntyre, John Morrison, Kane, MVP, Chris Masters, Chris Jericho

2009 Royal Rumble (Josy; Randy Orton)

  • TEAM JAMES: The Undertaker, John Morrison, Ted DiBiase, Mark Henry, MVP, The Brian Kendrick, Dolph Ziggler
  • TEAM DAVE: The Big Show, CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, Mike Knox, R-Truth, Goldust, Hacksaw Duggan
  • TEAM JOSY: Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, The Miz, Finlay, Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella, The Great Khali, JTG
  • TEAM ROB: Triple H, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Vladimir Kozlov, William Regal, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito

2008 Royal Rumble (Rob; John Cena)

  • TEAM JAMES: John Morrison, Tommy Dreamer, Snitsky, Jimmy Snuka, Kane, Mr. Kennedy, Big Daddy V
  • TEAM DAVE: Shawn Michaels, Santino Marella, The Great Khali, Hardcore Holly, Jamie Noble, Finlay, Triple H
  • TEAM ROB: Undertaker, Hornswoggle, Chuck Palumbo, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, John Cena
  • TEAM JOSY: Batista, Umaga, The Miz, Roddy Piper, Mick Foley, Mark Henry, Chavo Guerrero, Elijah Burke

2007 Royal Rumble (Rob; Undertaker)

  • TEAM JAMES: CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Viscera, Kevin Thorn, Hardcore Holly, Shawn Michaels, The Great Khali
  • TEAM DAVE: Finlay, Edge, Tommy Dreamer, Shelton Benjamin, Kane, King Booker, The Miz
  • TEAM ROB: Ric Flair, Kenny Dykstra, Gregory Helms, Sandman, Chris Benoit, Chris Masters, Chavo Guerrero, Undertaker
  • TEAM JOSY: Matt Hardy, Sabu, Super Crazy, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, Johnny Nitro, MVP, Carlito

2006 Royal Rumble (Darcy; Rey Mysterio)

  • TEAM DAVE: Triple H, Trevor Murdoch, Eugene, Orlando Jordan, Matt Hardy
  • TEAM DARCY: Rey Mysterio, The Big Show, Sylvan, Booker T, Chavo Guerrero
  • TEAM JOSY: Simon Dean, Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Viscera, Goldust
  • TEAM KERRY: Psicosis, Bobby Lashley, Kane, Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters
  • TEAM JAMES: Jonathan Coachman, Carlito, Super Crazy, Shelton Benjamin, Randy Orton
  • TEAM BRAD: Joey Mercury, Tatanka, Animal, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels

2005 Royal Rumble (James; Batista)

  • TEAM JAMES: Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Batista
  • TEAM JOSY: Chris Benoit, Rene Dupree, Paul London
  • TEAM KERRY: Daniel Puder, Orlando Jordan, Scotty 2 Hotty, Shawn Michaels
  • TEAM ROB: Hardcore Holly, Kenzo Suzuki, Muhammad Hassan, Viscera
  • TEAM DAVE: The Hurricane, Shelton Benjamin, Booker T, Kane
  • TEAM IAN: Chris Jericho, Jonathan Coachman, Gene Snitsky, Christian
  • TEAM DARCY: Luther Reigns, Charlie Haas, John Cena, Ric Flair
  • TEAM BRAD: Simon Dean, Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak

2004 Royal Rumble (Kerry; Chris Benoit)

  • TEAM KERRY: Chris Benoit
  • TEAM IAN: Goldberg
  • TEAM JAMES: John Cena, Rhyno, Rene Dupree

2003 Royal Rumble (Ian; Brock Lesnar)

  • TEAM IAN: Brock Lesnar
  • TEAM JAMES: Bill DeMott, Test, Tajiri, Goldust

We also tried similar wagering on Money in the Bank but it never stuck:

2012 Money in the Bank PPV (Rob; John Cena [Raw]/Rob; Dolph Ziggler [Smackdown])

  • TEAM JAMES: Tensai, Kane, Santino, hypothetical mystery entrant #4
  • TEAM DAVE: Big Show, Tyson Kidd, Santino Marella, hypothetical mystery entrant #2
  • TEAM JOSY: Damien Sandow, Christian, Sin Cara, hypothetical mystery entrant #1 (The Miz)
  • TEAM ROB: John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho, hypothetical mystery entrant #3

2011 Money in the Bank PPV (Josy; Alberto Del Rio [Raw] / Dave; Daniel Bryan [Smackdown])

  • TEAM JAMES: Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Rey Mysterio
  • TEAM DAVE: Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne, Kane, Cody Rhodes
  • TEAM JOSY: Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel
  • TEAM ROB: Sheamus, R-Truth, Alex Riley, Jack Swagger

2010 Wrestlemania Money In The Bank (Josy; Jack Swagger)

  • TEAM JAMES: Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Matt Hardy
  • TEAM DAVE: Christian, Shelton Benjamin
  • TEAM JOSY: MVP, Jack Swagger
  • TEAM ROB: Kane, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne



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