Should I start blogging again?

Should I commit to doing it daily?

Do I need something else to fail at? Or, more likely, to succeed at for a week and then get bored with?

I have missed blogging lately. And I’ve especially missed blogging about useless things. I don’t even know how I feel about that.

Let’s say “maybe” and see what tomorrow brings.

(If I can get to a scanner, it will bring at least one concert review.)

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  1. keepsmealive Says:

    “Should I start blogging again?”


    “Should I commit to doing it daily?”

    NO. Because it would probably go for a while and then stop. But if you just do it when the mood/ideas strike you with no thought toward a schedule, at least you’d be doing something… something you admit missing lately!

    I am all for James content. It’s a YES! vote from me. 🙂

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