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February 28, 2012

Too much health talk at work today, stemming from too many people not doing well. Serious stuff.

I, personally, am fine – both physically and feelings-wise. Just concerned for some friends.

I was thinking the other day that I’ve never had an illness or injury that didn’t just heal, you know? I am used to medical problems going away with treatment and time. My appendix swelled up when I was a kid, so the doctor took it out. Problem solved.  I broke a finger in high school. The doctor set it, and it’s been pain-free for over 20 years. The ear drops fix the ear infection. The chiropractor fixes the sore back. These issues are all unpleasant and time-consuming, but that’s all they are. I’m not sure how I’d handle something more serious. Probably not with as much grace and strength as I’d like to imagine.

You know what’s weird? Lifespans are finite. It’s not like I just discovered this, but I find it bizarre to think about. Last night, before bed, I ran the dishwasher. Put dishes in, put soap in, close door, press button. I’ve done it hundreds of times and will likely do it thousands more, but there will come a point where I have run the dishwasher for the final time. And that means that each time I do it, I’ve ticked one more instance off the list. I wonder if I can use this to get out of doing chores? “Sorry, my life only includes a finite number of lawn-mowings. You don’t want to put me one closer to death, do you?”

February 2, 2012

Got my Tumblr posts cleaned up and uploaded to this place. If you have this blog in your RSS reader (by which I mean, “if you’re my wife”), I’d be interested in knowing whether that pile of backdated posts shows up in there. I don’t want to be the guy cluttering up your internet on you, but there’s a lot more where that came from.

At least there weren’t that many posts this time out. There also wasn’t much that needed editing, so I really could have had it done weeks ago, but I got lazy. I also had an ear infection which took me out of commission for a day or two, which really didn’t affect anything, but I’ll mention it here so that you’re sympathetic to my plight instead of critical of my procrastination.

I usually make some sort of attempt at being funny (or at least interesting) when I post stuff, but man, those Tumblr posts are pretty lame. I tried to be a bit more serious and instead just came across as whiny, neurotic, and completely unable to make up my mind about website titles. And that one post where I said “blog” about 200 times might be the worst thing I’ve ever written. Who could possibly care?

Speaking of bloggity blog blog shut the hell up nonsense, my Tumblr just lists “posted one year ago” for each entry, so the dates here are my best guesses and nothing more. And when I reference Blog #5 that never got one post, I meant this place. 

Speaking of AH GOD NOBODY CARES SHUT UP ALREADY, I am going to post about wrestling next. Lucky you!