Made some headway in cleaning up old blogs this weekend. My Tumblr posts are basically set to go (all five of them) and I deleted dozens of old LiveJournal posts. Aaron asked if I felt bad about deleting chunks of history like that, and I really don’t, since I didn’t delete anything worthwhile. All of my posts that were nothing but copied-over Twitter updates are gone, as are most of my “Writer’s Block” posts (LJ posts a daily question, and I went on a few stretches where I would answer a month’s worth of them). 

I should have saved the Writer’s Block posts, really. Most of the questions are insipid and most of my answers were testy because I had to answer said questions, but there were a few good half-baked thoughts there that I could have fleshed out into something more for when I need ideas for this place. Like right now!

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