I have something to write that I don’t want to bother with. So I’m here instead. Just spent a half hour reading a friend’s blog from start to finish (technically, from finish to start since I was working backwards) and now I am inspired to… do not as good a job as she does.

I like not putting titles on my entries here. I’ve decided that.

I booked tomorrow off from work. Ten minutes later, I got invited to a meeting. I decided I’d still take the morning off, but now I think I’m just going to go in at my usual not-quite-on-time time. May as well.

I think maybe my girlfriend won’t like living with me all that much. All of this “I have tomorrow off wait no I don’t,” “I got us concert tickets oh wait I can’t go oh wait now I can,” “Work will be slow today oh wait here’s a last-minute bombshell from a salesperson who dropped the ball and now I have to work until 2:00 a.m.” nonsense is probably a lot easier to take when you’re one city away.

Not sure how much of that is a flaw with my job and how much of it is a flaw with me.

I do have quite the range of flaws. I’m very impatient. Easily frustrated. I am not good at hiding my emotions, which is bad when you’re prone to brief fits of ill-temperment that you know are stupid and pointless and will not last. I don’t have a lot of opinions of my own; I’m not that creative and I am easily swayed by a good argument (or, more often, a not-so-good one).

And I get to manage myself at work, but mostly that involves me taking on anything brought to me, because I feel guilty about the time I waste when there’s nothing to do. My workload is all peaks and valleys, and it’s unpredictable. Sometimes this leads to a lot of waiting, so when someone asks me to put together a huge rush job on a moment’s notice because they forgot something or got lazy or assume that my job is effortless or pointless, well, I feel like I have to. I think I could count on one hand the number of projects I’ve turned down in six years. None are coming to mind at all right now but there has to have been something.

How the hell did I get started on this? Oh well, it was on my mind, I guess.

I don’t watch sports except for MMA but sometimes I get very interested in big sports stories. I read this one message board, and while it has more than its share of morons, there are some people who are posting some really insightful stuff about LeBron James, or that pitcher who was robbed of his perfect game, or those two players at Wimbledon whose game went on forever. I think I really like the concept of sports. Maybe I’m becoming a man. It’ll be nice to finally get some bass in my voice.

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