I’ve always wondered what would happen, blog-wise, if I started anew somewhere without using my real name or telling friends to visit. Would anyone bother reading it?

It’s kind of like a best-selling author releasing a book under a fake name… well, except for that part about having any previous success.

Ever since going online over 15 years ago, I’ve been a very open person on the internet. I’m starting to wish I’d kept more things to myself. I don’t think there’s anything really terrible out there, but there’s definitely some stuff that doesn’t represent who I am now.

Clearly, the answer is to start another blog.

I don’t live a very exciting life. I work in an office, I live in an apartment, I have a girlfriend, and everything is mostly okay. It doesn’t give me much to talk about.

But here’s a story. This evening, I was helping my girlfriend load some stuff into her car. As we’re loading up, some dude comes walking down the alley. I look over at him. Early 20s, maybe. Wearing a football jersey – the same one I was wearing at the time.

“Hey, where’d you get that?” he says.

“Get what?” I ask.

“That stupid look on your face. HAW HAW HAW – just kidding, man, I love you.”

And he walks off.

This kind of thing happens more often than you might think. Earlier in the day, we were greeted by a homeless man and his talking dog puppet show.


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